Twisted Bacon Somehow Manages To Do the Impossible… Improve Bacon

Twisted Bacon Somehow Manages To Do the Impossible… Improve Bacon

We all know that Bacon is the greatest thing on this planet, and we’ll make every attempt to spread that word with every single recipe here at Bacon Meals. While we know full well that bacon is the ultimate aphrodisiac for all living things (except pigs, of course)… rarely do we get to look upon its glory with astonishment and surprise, having discovered that it has been improved upon. We’re used to bacon improving our meals… but how often do we see Bacon itself, improved? As you can see from above folks, twisted Bacon somehow manages to do something we thought was possible only in our dreams: improve Bacon.

Season your Bacon the next time you bake it, and twist it into spirals beforehand. It’ll hold it’s shape while cooking, and when it comes out you’ll have something truly magical. They’re a bit like Bacon straws (get on that people!), and they are very delicious. Spice it up further with some brown sugar and chipotle powder for some kick. You’ll never feel the same again.

You can also try Candied Bacon… because why not?

Curling the bacon lets the flavor really stay with the meat since it’ll be sitting on the inside of the straw-like twist while it bakes. It’s a good idea of course to use thinly cut bacon here, as thicker cut stuff may give you a problem, unless you have some oven-safe skewers laying around.



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