About Bacon Meals

Bacon Meals is the accomplishment of two men with a dream. Not a complicated dream, nor is it uncommon. All men and women, at some points in their lives, many right at this moment, have shared that same dream. To eat bacon. Three meals a day. Seven days a week.

And so these men, Charlie and Ronney, scoured the Internet, poured over cookbooks, destroyed kitchens in their endless struggle to spread the goodness of bacon to every dish in existence. It was a goal that became an obsession, an addiction. But that’s ok because it was a bacon addiction. There’s nothing wrong with that.

At last, after months of experimentation, and truly abhorrent amounts of cholesterol, they succeeded. But what they had created was too great to be kept the secret of two mortal men. It belonged to the world, to everyone. And thus Bacon Meals was created, with the hopes of enriching everyone’s lives through the creation and consumption of bacon art. Every week, new bacon dishes will be released onto Bacon Meals for your perusal, creation, and consumption. This is for you.


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