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Here are some information and facts about water pollution for kids. Do you want to educate your child about water pollution causes and effects? Pollution Facts Whether one likes it or not, pollution is one the most ignored concept in the modern world. Ganges River: Ganges River, great river of the plains of the northern Indian subcontinent. ... with pollution and ... More Than 100 Dead Bodies Found in Ganges. Why is the Ganges river so dirty and Why isn't the Indian Government doing anything about it? Generally Indians cremate their dead before putting the remains in the river. More Than 100 Dead Bodies Have Surfaced in the Ganges River. By 6:30 a.m., six bodies were burning on high beds of logs on the bank of the Ganges River, fires crackling, ashes flying. Do Indians still dump dead bodies in the Ganges River? More than 100 bodies are recovered in the river Ganges, ... More than 100 bodies recovered from India's Ganges. ... Due to the amount of people bathing in the river and the amount of dead bodies in the river the Ganges has piled up on pollution. Can he do it? But new prime minister Narandra Modi has promised to clean it up. asia; Indian authorities investigate discovery of 100 dead bodies in Ganges River. The Ganges is Too Toxic to be Holy Anymore 360 ... dump dead bodies directly into the Ganges ... in dealing with the pollution of Indias supposedly holy river. I am from South Africa. Increasing dead bodies in Ganga posing threat to river health: TERI. This is the second reported spike in radioactive particles in Europe this year. The Ganges River flows from Rishikesh to Uttarkashi near the Tehri Dam. Indias sacred Ganges river is so polluted that many fear for its future. ... only add to the pollution problem in the Ganges. Not every endangered species is a breed of particularly fluffy kitten that's been driven to death by a nasty capitalist SUV factory. Read on! Ganges River Pollution Problem. Yet another unexplained spike in airborne radioactivity has been detected in Europe. How does this practice effect the environment of the river? I have visited Varanasi a few times, with all the pollution etc.