how to specify schema in hibernate cfg xml
Modify the hibernate settings file to specify where Pentaho will find the DI Repository's _config-file_system/hibernate/postgresql.hibernate.cfg.xml_/config-file_ _param Schema Management in Hibernate. Specify the hibernate.cfg.xml I'm so stupid, my hibernate.cfg.xml file was configured as shit. The class cat was not there for example. Enabling Hibernate Support ... select the Import database schema check box. 5. Workshop includes form editors to manage the Hibernate configuration file and includes ... Save the hibernate.cfg.xml file. --quiet. Echo the script to the console--properties= Specify the file. --config= Specify the hibernate.cfg.xml file It took me some time to collect the hibernate.cfg.xml data which is necessary for Derby, Oracle and H2. in hibernate.cfg.xml we can specify the jdbc url, dialect. But you can't specify which schema you want to use, can you ? That means if I use oracle, Ant To use the tools via Ant you need the hibernate-tools.hibernate. ... a cfg.sax.xml" propertyfile="hibernate ... etc/hibernate. Envers configuration with hibernate.cfg.xml. Sri Harsha Yenuganti May 25, 2011 5:16 PM Generate Persistence Mapping - Import dialogs. When importing a database schema: Specify the data source to be used as a source of import. ... (hibernate.cfg.xml Hibernate configuration file. ... Drop and re-create the database schema on startup -->