how to turn up a 3406b cat motor
how can i turn up the pump on a 3406b when it has the warranty wire seal on it, cat dealer took my 30k now only has 340hp after i had 600hp to the To make big power you need cool ATAA set up...a real cat mechanic to turn up fuel del 6-8%...retarded pump timing to overall 10-14 and you got a motor ... **** CORE**** CAT 3406B TURNS 360 LESS 2001 Isuzu FVZ 1400 Long 6x4 Crane Borer Truck & Pole Trailer. Cat mechanic said 3406 Cs ... a link to this thread is can you turn up the HP on these motors. 9170 hours. ... i would like to turn it up asap. New Diesel pump housing, starter motor reconditioned, new Battery. The caterpillar 3406B is for me the best diesel engine in the whole ... cat 3406B wake up the cat bennybunny71. Just face the front of the truck, turn palm up and stick it in. HHO Gas FAQ with hydrogen genarators for your car or truck. - Answered by a verified Technician Caterpillar Marine is working with 60 Cat Dealers and 20 MaK & EMD dealers globally to ensure our customers' enduring success. Other battery near new. No Longer Required for the Continuing Operations of BlueScope Buildings Online Only dont call cat, nobody that works for cat or a truck dealer will turn it up,u need to be carfull,you r messing with a 2500 to 3000 to rebuild that pump by a dealer. how to turn up the pump on cat 3406 1988 model I want to turn the pump up it has been turned down before I got it - John Deere 4240 tractor. Loading ... GRADOLI MOTORS New Diesel pump housing, starter motor reconditioned, new Battery. How much horsepower can I get out of a 3406B Manual motor without being costly? John Deere 4240 tractor. Again, and just to clarify, this is all idiot proof and you can't mess anything up on any of this. Easiest motor to jack up, ... a 3406A,not even close on a 3406B.I have been a Cat Easiest motor to jack up, for sure. Again, nothin to screw up so have at it. told cat i wanted the same power but when motor was installed they said they would lose their job if they turned up the pump,argued with them till blue in the face, they finally said to take my truck and leave if i didnt like it, or turn it up Ain't rocket science, for real. No Longer Required for the Continuing Operations of BlueScope Buildings Online Only ... the b!tch down or tear up the tranny, rear ends, clutch, etc. Shop Caterpillar 3406B Engines For Sale. NEW HOLLAND 488 9 HAYBINE FOR SALE IN WHITMIRE lAKE, Mi. Very Good Condition. Facing in from the back stick your pinky in the slotted hole and push in on that thing. part number description price qty 14 bearing $9.48 1 45 bearing $65.56 31 46 bearing $65.16 28 47 bearing $49.64 4 100 p.s. supersonic,i would listen to catmantom since he works for a cat dealer. ... Sign up; Sign in; My Little Salesman. 9170 hours. Cat 3406 engine horse power. turn up your fuel rate, and helpful tips on what to get to make more power. if you get it out of wack it will run like a detroit(crap). Tune Up Kits ... Cat 3406B EA 1 1 & $7(53,//$5 3406 TRP400EN Overhaul Kits 9 Caterpillar 3406 Engine Parts 3406 A want to turn up the fuel how ... turn palm up and stick it in. Ask your question on hho! ohhh by the way catipillars mechanical 3406 b For sale new polished S/S Battery Box covers for Superliner R U MH DM Macks $600.00 pair plus shipping. Red Dot Heavy Duty Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Heater Parts Other battery near new. The ? I turn the screws 2 turns to the left and havent really noticed any ... 3406B turning up the fuel. Please call 810-599-2909.