questions to ask cardiologist after stress test
The main purpose of a stress test is to see if there is any evidence of blocked arteries. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Rate the answer you receive. There are many risk factors for cardiac disease, and you can change some of these risk factors to reduce your risk for further heart problems, such as quitting smoking, controlling blood pressure, and lowering Heart doctors answer your questions about the ... Heart Information Center > Ask a Heart Doctor > Heart Doctor Answers ... about the accuracy of my stress test? I am a 37 YO female who recently lost 30lbs and started exercising more regularly, including running. ... Why isn't my cardiologist doing my stress test or angiogram? If You Are Referred to a Cardiologist. If there are blockages, and not enough blood gets through during exercise, changes occur in the EKG's being recorded. SCAI. But not all physicians utilize these emerging approaches, so patients seeking out the best possible treatment for coronary artery disease would benefit from asking their cardiologists some key questions Dr. Ahmed answers all your TAVR questions, including a definition of TAVR, how it compares to open heart surgery, possible complications, and more. Questions for Your Cardiologist. After learning that you have heart disease, you may have more questions to ask your heart doctor than your appointment time will allow. What should you do after the test? What does this statement mean? Frequently asked questions. Ask follow up questions if you need to. Recent innovations include a less invasive diagnostic test, technologies that improve stent placement, and more patient-friendly angiography done via the wrist. What is done during the test? Maximize your time with these prepared questions for your cardiologist. ... What questions should I ask my doctor ... expert advice from Sharecare. ... Make a list of questions you want to ask your doctor. ... correct questions to ask. Stress Test is used to determine how heart responds to stress and heart disease on In this section, we provide a list of questions about heart failure you might want to ask your doctor or nurse and the reason why it might be useful to ask it Communities > Heart Disease > Questions for cardiologist. Ask a Doctor about Ionizing radiation, Ask a Cardiologist Home Services Exercise Stress Testing: Exercise Stress Testing. Here are questions to ask when choosing a cardiologist, ... What about calls after hours and on weekends? ... What should I expect from a visit to a cardiologist's office? Ask follow up questions if you need to. Don't have a Sharecare account? what questions should i ask my cardiologist on my follow up visit after my nuclear stress test? Why isn't my cardiologist seeing me in the hospital? What is a cardiac stress test using medicine? Exercise stress testing assesses the performance and capacity of the heart during exercise and is used to help diagnose or investigate heart disease. ... 5 Questions to Ask Your Cardiologist. The following questions can help you talk to your physician about having a stress test. A stress test is usually performed on a treadmill, while the heart activity is being monitored. Why would a cardiologist order a stress test after an echo for someone ... to ask the doctor. But it is ... a chemical stress test. i have already had a calcium test done. Question - How long after a nuclear stress test can I have sex?. ... Nuclear stress test; Have you been diagnosed with heart disease? it was very high - 90%. Ask yourself these 6 questions to determine if it is a serious concern. Has your child complained of chest pain? Stress test (echo, nuclear, Thallium) experiences explained in our heart patient community. How do you get ready for the test?